5-Axis Cycles

ESPRIT meets any industry’s 5-axis machine tool requirements with increased efficiency and optimal finished part quality. With virtual realistic simulation of the complete machine tool environment and an easy-to-program interface, ESPRIT utilizes the full potential of your 5-axis machine tool!

Main Features

Composite Milling

Composite milling, our most powerful general purpose 5-axis cycle, enables you to create a multi-axis milling operation by selecting a machining pattern and tool axis orientation. It can be used to control all axes of the machine simultaneously. Six different machine patterns and five different orientation strategies make it possible to machine every area of the part.

Generate any complex 5-axis cycle Six different machining patterns Tool axes are defined independently from the pattern Optimal surface finish Reduced tool wear Easy to learn programming

Spiral Roughing & Finishing

ESPRIT’s 5-axis Spiral roughing and finishing optimizes the toolpath making it immune from the eventual defects of the part surface. This allows for a very high feed rate on the edges and makes the cycle very easy to define. The ESPRIT 5-axis cycle takes into consideration the dynamics of the machine tool to cut as fast as possible without breaking the acceleration limits of the machine.

Fluent machine movements Eliminates the need for re-roughing or semi-finishing cycles Uniform offset stock allowance Optimal surface finish

Channel Roughing

The ESPRIT 5-axis trochoidal channel roughing cycle is a high-speed roughing cycle that maintains a constant cutter load to remove the material in a channel bounded by two walls.

Tool moves along a nearly circular (trochoidal) path that constantly adapts to the shape of the channel Suitable for difficult-to-cut materials, such as titanium Can replace several phases of conventional machining Results in a uniform amount of rest material Constant tool load reduces tool wear

Impeller Roughing & Finishing

ESPRIT’s 5-axis impeller milling strategy enables you to rough, re-rough, and finish the channel between the blades of an impeller. You can define the area to machine, select ruled surface features, rough the channel and finish the hub between the blades. You can cut all the blades or just a single blade.

Improve surface finish Creates shorter CNC programs Reduces cycle time

Port Roughing & Finishing

ESPRIT’s 5-axis port roughing strategy is used for machining engine ports, intake and exhaust tubes, and pump and compressor inlets and outlets. The ESPRIT port roughing strategy produces a CNC program that guides the tool through a restricted opening so it removes metal as needed while following a spline curve to reach the opposite end of the port. The programmer only needs to enter a starting profile, an ending profile and a spline profile that defines the path the tool will follow.

Machine engine ports and intake and exhaust tubes Machine pump and condenser inlets and outlets Minimize tool tilt and unnecessary movement


ESPRIT’s 5-axis contouring enables you to cut along one or more profiles defined by a chain feature, curve, or geometric element. Multiple passes can be created along the selected profile. Special tools such as a Lollipop are available. This strategy is very useful when performing challenging 5x chamfering.

Contour along a specific profile or part geometry Chamfer the edges of external and internal faces

Swarf Milling

ESPRIT’s swarf milling strategy creates a 5-axis milling program that cuts with the flank of the tool along the ruled surface. This strategy produces larger depths of cut to remove materials faster, improve surface finish, increase tool life and reduce machining time.

Increases depth of cut Increases tool life Removes materials faster Improves surface quality

Z -Level Finishing

Z-level finishing is used to finish vertical or near-vertical walls that intersect with an arch or a curved floor. With the ESPRIT 5-axis option you are able to cut arched or curved floors faster and with ease.

Easy and quick to use 3 different drive entity types Better surface quality Shorter cutting time

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