Markforged X7

The only way to get industrial-grade parts in hand in hours, not weeks

The X7 prints industrial-grade manufacturing jigs, jaws, tools, fixtures, and end-use parts. Designed from the ground up to survive the production floor environment and capable of printing parts stronger than machined aluminum for a fraction of the cost, the X7 delivers unparalleled surface finish, build size, and reliability. Accelerate part production with Turbo Print, our fastest print mode – only available on the X7.

Carbon Fiber Strength

The X7 3D prints Continuous Carbon Fiber reinforced parts in hours that are as strong as — and capable of replacing — machined aluminum.

Functional Parts of All Types

The X7 has an industrial material or print mode capable of fabricating a functional part for you.

Industrial Reliability and Accuracy

Markforged industrial 3D printers offer micron-level laser scanning which reliable yielding parts with 50 μm repeatability and industry-leading surface finish.

Markforged X7

Product Specification

The turnkey industrial 3D printer for every type of functional part.

The Markforged X7 CFR industrial 3D printer combines precision-built hardware, advanced sensors, and best-in-class software to deliver accurate parts repeatably. It features a reinforced, precision-machined gantry and a precision ground print bed that can be removed and replaced with 10 μm repeatability. Each piece of hardware in the filament extrusion system — from the nozzles to the extruder hobs — is optimized to resist wear from micro carbon fiber filled nylon filaments and maintain print quality over thousands of hours. Out of material sensors ensure that you’re always printing while a scanning laser on the printhead enables the printer to dynamically adjust the first layers of a print to achieve perfect bed adhesion and inspect parts for accuracy after printing.

The X7 has a 3rd-generation fiber reinforcement system that enables you to lay down continuous fiber into parts. Only Markforged composite printers are capable of printing continuous fiber reinforced parts.

3D Printer
  • Printing Process
    Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR)

  • Z Layer Resolution
    100 μm – 200 μm

  • Printing Media
    Composite Base Filaments, Continuous Fibers

  • Internal Part Geometry
    Closed Cell Infill with Continuous Fiber Reinforcement

  • Print Bed
    Precision Ground Composite

Available Materials :
  • Onyx
  • Nylon
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Kevlar
  • HSHT Fiberglass
Physical Dimension
Width584 mm
Depth330 mm
Height355 mm
Weight16 kg / 35 lbs
Build Volume
Width320 mm
Depth132 mm
Height154 mm

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