Full Programming for Traditional and Multi-axis Turning


Traditional turning centers are being rapidly supplemented by multi-axis machines with the ability to produce complex parts unattended. Whether you are looking for a CAM system to automate your traditional turning “from roughing and grooving to threading and finishing” for faster, more accurate results, or to maximize your multi-axis machine tool investment, ESPRIT is the right CAM choice.

Main Features

Swiss-Style Machine Programming

Program your multi-axis Swiss-style turning centers with ESPRIT and realize their potential for single set-up, versatile, accurate, unattended machining. ESPRIT accommodates the special demands of your Swiss machines and makes it easy to create programs that take full advantage of Swiss-style capabilities with comprehensive tool path creation, simulation, collision detection, and accurate G-code generation. ESPRIT provides factory-certified programming solutions for Swiss-style machines from the leading builders including: Citizen, Star, and Tsugami.

Multi-Turret, Multi-Spindle Production Turning

Gain full control over your production turning with ESPRIT’s program synchronization, dynamic simulation, and accurate collision detection. You’ll be empowered to work simultaneously on the front and/or back of the work piece with one, two or more cutting tools. When you use ESPRIT to unlock the potential of your production turning center, your cycle times are dramatically reduced and parts are completed in a single set-up. ESPRIT’s comprehensive suite of machining cycles includes all part handling cycles — from initial material bar feeds and stock chucking, through steady rests, and part cut-off and pick-up.


Traditional Turning

ESPRIT streamlines and standardizes your lathe machining, with a minimum investment of time and training. ESPRIT offers contour profile cutting for facing and OD or ID turning, a universal machining cycle driving single-point tools for a wide variety of machining tasks. ESPRIT’s roughing cycle enables you to work from castings, pre-roughed, irregular-shaped, or bar stock, and has options for controlling every aspect of machine movement — from clearances to differing Z and X stock allowances. For drilling and hole making, choose between ESPRIT’s pre-programmed machining cycles and your machine tool’s canned cycles, or use a combination of both.

Advanced Machining Cycles

ESPRIT gives you seven grooving cycles with a variety of optional tool movements, including single plunge, multiple plunge, peck grooving, zigzag grooving, and even contouring with grooving tools. For thread machining, ESPRIT offers multiple threading options, including single or multi-point, with straight or tapered threads, and constant or variable leads. ESPRIT automatically calculates the depth and number of cuts, with a manual override option.


Flexible Tooling Options

ESPRIT simplifies the tooling definition process and gives you full tooling support, from standard boring bars to complex custom form tools. Select from a complete ANSI/ISO- tooling library with inserts and holders, or define custom tools in any CAD system, or in ESPRIT, to import into ESPRIT’s tooling library. ESPRIT’s definition of the complete tool — insert, holder, and turret — ensures highly accurate machining results.

Synchronization and Optimization

Perform time studies and synchronize your CNC program to readily optimize your G-code and minimize overall cycle time with ESPRIT’s sync list. ESPRIT clearly presents the machining timeline in an easy-to-read bar chart organized by turret, spindle, and head. Synchronize and optimize your program using the Windows “drag and drop” technique with quick editing of machining cycles including turrets, spindles, cutting tools, all the individual machining parameters, and synchronization codes.

Complete Real-time Simulation


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